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Mobile phone watchMP2016

MTV Video Converter AP

MTV Video Converter APVideoConvert.exeinterface

The following formats can be converted to MTV format by using MTV Video Converter AP:

Supported video formats:

1AVI file *. avi);

2Windows Media file *.asf*.wmv*.wma);

3MPEG1 file *. mpg*.mpeg*.dat)

4MPEG2 file *.vob)

5Realplay file *. rm)

6Quicktime file *.mov)

7MPEG4, 3GP(*.3gp)

System requirementswindows98/windows Me/windows2000/windows XP/Vista. Windows Media Play 9.0 or higher version. directX 9.0 or higher version.

MTV Video Converter AP instruction.

1Input video file

2Choose an output directory

3setOutput Frame Size”:To set output frame size as follows

4set “Output Frame Rate” To set output frame rate as above illustration

5set “Output Audio Quality ”To set output audio quality as follows

6set “Input Music ”The importation of music files to replace the original video file of background sound

7) Choose a period of time to conversion (Skip to 8, if you want to convert the entire video file)

8) Click “status conversion” to converting.


Before converter Real play files, QuickTime files and MPEG2 files, Please install corresponding decoder.

If Windows Media Player can not read your targeted fileyou should install Windows Media Player compatible decoder until Windows Media Player can read this file. Or this converting tool will not work.




Turn on failure

1, Check battery

2. Check your power switch

No music is heard in the earphones

1. Check the Volume level

2. Check the connection (earphone to the earphone jack)

3. Check if the MP3 player can play the music file.

Can‘t download music

1. Check if the USB cable properly connected to your computer

2. Check if you have installed the driver (under Windows 98)

3. Check if you have enough disk space to download the music file

Unrecognizable code on screen.

Please set corresponding language.

F: Technology Specification




1.46-inch 65K color TFT Resolution is 128*128

USB connector

USB2.0 (High Speed)




Li-ionBattery3.7V 250mAh


Rec. format


Rec. time

About 8H128Flash/8KHz-32kbps


Earphone output

(L) 5mW+(R) 5mW(32Ohm)

MP3 bits

8k bps~320k bps

WMA bits

8K bps – 192K bps

Output FrequencyRange


Audio Frequency


Music Format


Operation TEMP.



CHI(Trad), CHI(Simp), English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic etc

Operating system

Windows2000/XP/ VistaMac OS 9.x/Mac OS XLinux 2.4 above

u The above details for your reference only, we reserve the rights to make amendment without prior notice. All copyright are reserved.

G: Attention

1. When mechanical error happens, please press “”and“” simultaneously to reset.

2. Take off USB port crown before recording.

3. Keep MP4 watch from water and humid/dusty/ultra low temperature / ultra high temperature environment.

4. Keep MP4 watch from magnetic field.

5. Avoid mechanical damages or drastic shacking.

6. Avoid chemical component and detergent.

7. Do not disassemble or reassemble this product. Or warranty will be invalidated.

8. Please apply the attached USB cable, battery charger and CD driver. No warranty for substitutes.

9. Recharge the battery only when the electricity is used up for the first three times for the sake of battery life.

10. Warranty of this product is only for the hardware. Data loss caused by wrong operations is not covered in the warranty.