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Dongguan City Electronics Company Limited is a company specializing in multi-functional watches manufacturer and exporter. With extraordinary sense of innovation, excellent quality of products, has successfully developed dozens of" super disc " PowerDisk MP3MP4watch, watch, watch, Bluetooth Bluetooth MP3MP4 watches, mobile phone watch. To apply for a patent hundred, has authorized more than sixty entries, in fact laid the basic MP3 watch, watch, watch MP4mobile phone design and manufacturing standards, to become the domestic and foreign MP3 watch, mobile phone MP4 watch and watch industry leading enterprises.

From the company since its establishment, the electronic and gradually improve and set up their own watch production base, comprises a watchcase, watchband and watch assembly workshop, in the watch industry is fiercely competitive situation, adhere to the "science and technology, fashion, exquisite" design philosophy, to the electronic product research and development as the core technology personnel through continuous to skillfully combines the traditional quartz watch functions and function of MP3, MP4, talk and music storage function together, has introduced a new concept of" super disc " PowerDisk multi-functional watches, watches the development to open up a new way of thinking.