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Man Power Technology(D.G.) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Man Power) Thank you for your trust on us!
From your purchasing day , you will enjoy after-sale service policy of Man Power ,15 days replacement, one year warranty.
If any products problem happened, Man Power will provide you with services to the following terms:

1, From the date of your purchase, you will have products service with 15 days replacement, one year warranty (excluding accessories, such as a USB cable, headphones , charger, driver CD, adapter, manual, warranty card, etc.).

2, From the date of your purchase within three months, due to non-human factors, hardware failure occurs, you can choose to repair or replacement .

3, From the date of your purchase, if meet any products problems, Man Power promises services above. In addition, Man Power will comply law and rules or otherwise specifically given by state,.

4, The following are not free services:
    (1) when you can not provide a valid warranty card, purchase invoice, receipt or invoice, receipt of a copy.
    (2) Without the written permission or Man Power authorized service station in case of transformation, dismantling          or maintenance failures.
    (3) Chip breakdown, break or crack, control panel is damaged, circuit break, rust or corrosion products, parts fall             off defect.
    (4) Improper operation and other human causes physical damage or changes in external conditions and failures.            when connected to high voltage, plus strong , High-altitude drop, water, etc.
    (5) Beyond the replacement period, the warranty period.

5, Losses you have suffered when you can not use product for any reason, Man Power bear the responsibility of             national legal requirements only.