• Practice No.8 space watch
• AAA credit reliable in China
• Official timer of Shenzhou VI spaceship
• China Mobile ( Dongguan) strategic partner
Technology · Fashion · Elegent
The best GPS Tracker manufacturer of China
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Values of Man Power:

Our vision :
To invent Hi-Tech watches and improve the development of watch industry.
Our mission : To provide the best quality products to customers.
Our goal : To be the No.1 brand of multi-functional watches industry in China.
Our faith : To have spirit of diligence, dedication, innovation and initiative.
Our tenet : Let all the workers grow up together with the company .
Culture : Responsible to the job as responsible to self .
To work for the company as to work for self .
Working with positive manner everyday .
Principles : Guarantee to provide with good consequence.
Practice : Self-questioning and improvement everyday .
Customer service : Provide with  high add- values,benefits and good services to customer.
Our products : Technology , Fashion , Elegent.
Our talents : To be Honesty and Royalty ; To be professional and hard working.
Our work style : To be serious and responsibility  to ensure the good consequence.