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GPS Tracker Watch Features
◆Set the number of guardian
◆Command of basic setting
◆Set the SOS number
◆Commend of location
◆Command of reginal alarm setting
◆Weather  forecast
◆Set the access points to network
◆Instant tracking and monitoring
◆Function of track recording
◆Other mobile phone can check the location of the watch
◆Locating tips
◆Low power tips
◆Power off tips

GPS location accuracy          15M
GSM Network accouracy       200M
GPS Band                           1575MHz
GSM Band                           850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Display                               Size 1.5 TFT
Battery                              750 mAh rechargeable
Standby consuption              1 to 3 mA
GPS connecting                    70 mA
Standby time                       7 days
Continuous monitoring           Over 8 hours
Hot start time                      About 3 seconds
Warm start time                  About 15 seconds
Cold start time                     < 60s (Autonomous)
Working temperature            -20°to 65°C
Working hunidity                  5% to 95%
Storage temperature            -45°to +90°C
Restrictive working temp       ≤-40°C or ≥+80°C

Apply for:
navigation and position identification for
outdoor sports ,travelbeacon applications for
scientific exploration,geological exploration,
agriculture,forestry management
Fashion accessories on wrist
positioning for field exploration,
emergency rescue,aviation navigation

Mobile control and command setting


l The following setup instruction can be applies to all mobile phone only before the guardian number not be set. Such as the need to increase their privacy, please change the initial password and set guardians number.

l Please assure the GSM card in the watch have opened “caller ID” and GPRS function, and Phone cards require extra money.

l #in the command is a separator of parameters, command format command#parameter1#parameter2# parameter n




Function Remarks

Set class

Set guardian numbers

11# mobile phone number

# password

Set guardian numbers, The initial password is 0000.

After you set the guardian number succeed, all the following commands can only controlled through guardian number.

Set SOS numbers

12# sos1# sos2

Example: You can set 1 SOS numbers : 12#12345678910#.

You can set 2 SOS numbers : 12#12345678910#12345678911


13#old password #

new password

Example: changed the password to 1234


Password: The acquiesced password is 0000, Limits 4 digits. If forget new password after modifying, just connect computer with USB cable to check the password.txt file and find it out.

School quiet mode

14#0 OFF Default

14#1 Open

From 8:00-11:30; 14:00-17:30, the tracker refuse all incoming calls except SOS numbers and the guardian numbers. LCD displaying to ensure with quiet.

GPS mode

15#0 OFF

15#1 Open Default

The device default GPS + LBS dual positioning functions. When the positioning accuracy is not the case, turn off the GPS positioning mode can significantly extend the standby time! And LCD displaying.

Call Management

16#0 OFF

16#1 Open Default

16#0 Only authorized number to answer calls LCD displaying.

16#1 Allow incoming calls to all numbers

Electronic fence

18#1#0OFF Default18#2#0OFF Default18#3#0OFF Default

Can be set to three electronic fences. 1, 2 fences can only be set up through the platform, through the SMS switch. The second parameter of the SMS fence switch, 0 to disable, 1 to open. On the 3rd fence settings, can only be through SMS with GPS location for the center, the second parameter is the radius (200 - 1000M) temporary fence. The second parameter is the 0 to close on the 3rd fence.
This’s available for guardian in mainland Chinaonly.

factory settings


Recover factory setting : 0000

Search for classes

Search Locationtxt


Search for GPS tracker’s current location information.

It can also be achieved by dialing the numbers to the GPS tracker: If dial the numbers and hang up within 5 seconds, the GPS tracker does not display incoming call, but sends a message to the caller. If over 5 seconds, the GPS tracker displays incoming call, then also send the current location to the caller automatically.

Search LocationMap


Search for GPS tracker’s current location information and reply website link. If the GPS can not locate, then back to the 21 instruction location information.

Set of query


Queries the current setting state of GPS Tracker

Balance of query


GPS tracker card balance inquiry

This’s for mainlandChinaonly.

Advanced Settings command

Track record set

24#0 Tracking off

24#3600 (Tracking open

24## Delete

24#3600 (Default)3600 means 1 hour.

Turn it on to set time (Unit: Second); interval tracking record will be uploaded to the management platform. The LCD displays to show tracking record is on. The tracing data

Will be stored into the platform. The historical track can be viewed on the platform too. To save power,just turn off if platform connection no longer need.

Internet access point settings

32# Access Point

# User name # password


Set the GPS tracker to access the network through cmnet access point. Usually the user name and password are not needed to fill and let it blank. For example:China Mobile: cmnet;ChinaUnicom: uniwap or uninet; PCCW : pccw

Management Platform setting

34#0 OFF

34#1 Open Default

LCD display to show the management platform open, the terminal connecting through the GPRS network, then the platform can send commands to the GPS tracking device.To save power,just turn off if platform connection no longer need.

SMS forward settings

35#0 OFF Default

35#1 open

To forward the received SMS to the guardian mobile phone. ( messages from the guardian excluded)

This’s available for guardian in mainlandChinaonly.

Phone monitory settings

23# Number

23# (Ask for dialing back)


Monitor number refers to the number which the tracker dialed back; It can be a mobile phone or non-mobile.

l The above details for reference only, we reserve the rights to make amendment without prior notice. All copyright are reserved.