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MP4 WatchFunction:
◆MP4 video watch, supports MP3, WMA and MP4 (AVI) format, 7 hours continuemusic playing.
◆1.5",260K OLED true color screen, high resolution 128*128 pixel image
◆Showing time and date, outstanding style, support JPEG format,
and continue music playing 、showing picture and lyric.
◆Good quality digital recording, music repeat playing and support different languages.
◆5-equalizer modes, super bass 3-D sound effect playing modes.

Technical parameters
◆Support MP4 Video   NXV(8Kbps~320 Kbps)(8KHZ~48KHZ)、MP3、WMA(20 Kbps~320 Kbps) (8KHZ~48KHZ)
◆Memory :1GB~16GB
◆Computer Connection : USB2.0
◆Transmission Rate : Upload:1000Kbps /s ; Download:750Kbps /s.
◆Li-ion Rechargeable Battery(250mAh)
◆Charge Time :180-240minutes
◆1.5",260K OLED true color screen, high resolution 128*128 pixel image.
◆Playing Time :7 hours continue music playing, 4 hours continue video playing.
◆Earphone output : 32Ω 3mW~6mW    Audio frequency:20Hz-20KHz.
◆Record:36 hours(512MB)
◆Operation system :Windows98/SE/ME/XP/2003/Linux 2.4.1/Mac8.6