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2010 Powerdisk -New Alcohol Test Watch ,No drunk-driving winter

Time to November, most parts of the China are beginning to turn cold, winter approaches. At this time, people all would like to stay together to eat hot pot, drink wine; a variety of hot pot in streets with yammy taste , and also is unbearable in this particular season. But after-drinking driving has become a severe test.

At this time , An alcohol test watch is a safety supervisor for alcohol-drinker . 20 minutes after drinking, you just have to blow for 4 seconds against the sensitive area on the watch, you can see tge test result display on the LCD screen dial 6 points . (Absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream from the digestive system takes about 20 minutes. Test after drink immediately the results only reflect the concentration of alcohol at the mouth, rather than the blood contained alcohol concentration). 3-4 minutes after the interval, this watch can test for new friends , itself can be traffic police for yourself. This watch also has a function of breath test as alarm watch, when after drinking more than normal test standard, the watch will sound as an alarm.

This alcohol test watch not only have alcohol test function, But also a quality wrist watch . As a wrist watch ,this is also a good choice. It is imported from Japan movement, travel time accurate. Classic ostrich-shaped case, the top imported 316L stainless steel strap, cold glowing metallic luster, as well as a different mix to choose from. It is solid lines, smooth powerful, always showing great care to detail. Dazzling bright mirror, luminous hands, contrasting against the background of the dial and hands with each other; look beautiful, as is the watch for the stunning. Table body with a special anti-static treatment process, can effectively prevent dust absorption, keeping watch of the bright and smooth. At this point, our safety supervisors turned into a gentleman to accompany us.Gives you feeling as to wear our new brand and security experience. If as a gift to friends and family, not only to convey warmly feeling to each other ,but also to accompany you through the winter without a drunk driving, this is the best gift anyone want to get --Secturity.