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2010 Innovation Award of gift industry


22th October2010, we were awarded the TOP 30 Innovation Award in gift industry by Chinese gift committee.

As a famous gift supplier, through our years of hared work, we always created pleasant amazement for customers in our related industries, from the very beginning we launched USB disk watch then MP3 watch, to blue tooth MP3 watch, MP4 watch, cell phone watch, Nursing Thermometer watch, Video camera watch, Alcohol test watch, and now we launched the first GPS tracking watch, we have composed a personality, fashion and diversify products development course, also composed a characteristic legend in gift industry.

All products are well accept by customers, that showed we make customers’ need be our guide is succeed, we will continuously launch new product and create. Through all staff’s efforts we got good reputation in gift industry, and got many awards. We have confidence we will launch more Boutiques in future, we believe we will get Greater success.