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Powerdisk Alcohol test watch, to be your own traffic police

HangZhou drunk driving make one college student dead, HeiLongJiang drunk driving hit 26 people ……… These days, many drunk driving traffic accidents, make drunk driving a hot point. As the data of BeiJing traffic bureau showed, in the past half year, 81 drunk driving traffic accidents happened, make 97 death. Drunk driving has been a serious social damage.

In the light of this phenomenon, Ministry of Public Security made some decision, will spend 2 month to manage drunk driving, during this period , drunk driving drivers will be punished very seriously based on<>. 

Mean while , many factories are searching good products to help solving this problem.

In order to do something help, Man Power Technology(D.G.) researched a multi-functional watch-Manytech, it is an alcohol test watch, get a “traffic police” for all drivers. The best time to test the alcohol density in blood is 20 minutes after drunk, if early that can just display the alcohol density in mouth. It is easy to use—turn on the watch, blow the alcohol test hole 3-4seconds, alcohol density is blood will display on screen. In 3-4 minutes, the watch can be reused by others. It will alarm if the alcohol density exceeds standard (different country or region the standard is different), make it be your own “traffic police” at any time.

Alcohol test watch is also a good watch and nice decorate bracelet, original Japan movement travel time accuracy, its classic case shape and high quality 316L stainless steel band, sapphire and luminous—hands, make is a very nice watch. We use antiseptic and heat-resistant environment friendly material, mean while the watch was handled to avoid Adsorption dust, make the surface shiny. This “traffic police” bring us safety and keep us accompany any time, give a newest feeling, and mean while it showed the user’s mature and steady.