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Bluetooth Headset FAQ Collection

1、what is the effective distance of a blue tooth ear phone?
Answer:The actually effective distance is 4-5 meters, if the phone support voice call, we can make a call through our blue tooth ear phone, it very convenient.

2、How to connect blue tooth ear phone with mobile phone?
Answer:firstly, turn blue tooth ear phone. Secondly, make the ear phone in searching condition, mean while turn blue tooth on mobile. Mobile can find the and realize the signal of blue tooth ear phone, then the ear phone will ask for code, key in the code on screen( original code always be 0000), at this time ear phone had connected with mobile.

3、How many types of blue tooth adapter
Answer :At present, there are computer blue tooth adapter, mobile blue tooth adapter, HIFI louder speaker blue tooth adapter, TV blue tooth adapter. Some other types usually used in profession industries.

4、Does blue tooth ear phone has radiation?
Answer:its radiation just as a few tenth of mobile’s radiation, we can even negligible it. We can use it ease, and now it is very popular in American and EU.

5、transport files by blue tooth
Answer:if trans small files ,we can use blue tooth , we do not need cables here, so it is very convenient and can protect our hard ware.

6、 the Bluetooth headset with radiation problem?
Answer:cell phone radiation value only one-tenth of a few, almost negligible. Free products are reviewed. Can rest assured that use. The use of mobile phones belonging to green the way in Europe and the United States has been quite popular.

7、 the car can use the Bluetooth products?
For car users, a cell phone while driving is extremely dangerous. So in this case, the use of Bluetooth products can greatly improve your driving safety. So when the phone call, when voice calls automatically switch to the sound system, a voice signal. After the call, audio system will automatically return to the music or the radio state.

8、how to use Bluetooth for voice chat?
Answer: With the rise of Internet phone, skype phone and through instant messaging and voice chat with friends, many young people even more fashion choices. This can be connected with two Bluetooth audio and a Bluetooth Human Interface Bluetooth 2.0 transmission converter, you can get rid of the shackles of cable, not only in the use of more convenient, will not miss phone calls, but may be exempted directly face the risk of harm of electromagnetic waves, the majority of users is the best choice to get rid of the shackles of cable.