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Description MP3 FAQ

memory size shortage

We always find the our MP3 memory size marked 128MB, but when we used it, its memory size almost 122MB. WHY? This similar with our computer hard disk, the actual memory size is a little shortage compared with marked memory size,

But some times we have this problem, the memory size even less than 122MB, that is because the different design, some producer spare a flash sheet for operating system, but others saved operating system directly in the main memory size,

make mp3 player format, then it can not play mp3 files

some users format the Player, then found it can not work again, That is because the Decoder chip can just identify FAT system, if you format the player to FAT32 or NTFS, then it can not work, can just be used a USB disk, but it is not a problem. Reformat it use FAT system, it will work normally,

display Garbled

some MP3 player has problem on support Chinese, especially players made in Korea, their words stock is very limited, it always support simple Chinese or traditional Chinese. So tag information can not display, just change the words coed, it will be ok.

failed update the hard ware

hard ware, always means mp3 operating system, As the soft ware updating, producer will provide new hard ware for user to download, thus they can update software and can exclude some bugs, meanwhile add some new functions.

computer can not identify the player

this problem is complicated, may the hard ware is has problem or the PC USB is not well, also may man-made problems,

besides, some players has 2 hard ware editions, like iRive player, 1 edition you can download directly ,another edition you have to use its own drive disk. If not, you can not find it on my computer,

working time is very short

many MP3 players can continuously working 10 hours, but it always can not use 10 hours when we using , That is because the producer test it under standard status, may the volume is half or other status, But when we using, we may play WMA,OGG or other files, Or full the volume, all these may need more electricity, so some times it can not work 10 hours.

some mp3 and wma files can not be played

MP3 format have fully developed, but there are some different code ways, like ABR,VBR,CBR and MP3 pro. So some time it has compatible problems, like the VBR file can not be played or the time display is not correct.

Wma file also has this problem, many MP3 players just support 192kbps files, if the music is high quality, it can not play. Some time we have to pay for the files on website, if not we can not download files directly.

some time we may have these problems, such as some of our Mp3 players do not support 48Khz songs and VBR, so Player can not play these files, that will make Player Restart and to crash, in the manual we have specified in detail of the range the player can support.

we often get this problem, some files were compressed by special software, compression format is
MPEC II, it always showed as mp3 format, but most players do not support this format. For this problem, we can use exchange software make the file to the format our player can accept. Besides, if we play WMA file, we usually get problem of copy right, for this problem we have to use some software to remove the limitation of copy right. Last, some players usually display garbled words on screen, it its not the problem of language set, it will be problem of ID3 set, ID3 is whether the name of the song or singer can display,