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Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) Guide

Question:what is “BAC”?
Answer:Alcohol density in body was judged by the quantity in fixed amount blood. it is density in blood, short called :“BAC”。Alcohol will be absorbed by stomach, We can test the alcohol density after 30-70 minutes we drunk.

Question:Can different wine influence the BAC?
Answer:no, if the wine include alcohol The test result will be all the same. 50 ml white wine=150ml grape wine=360ml beer

Question:what is drunk?
Answer:Many causes can influence BAC,so it is difficult to estimate BAC. Drink wine will influence our deliberation and drive ability, but we always think we still can drink some and can drive a car, this time we can not ensure ourselves’ and other’s safety.

Question:why can not driving after drinking?
Answer:After drink, we can not judge all conditions well and can not drive a car well. As news said many traffic accident caused by drunk driving.

Question:when I intend to drink , how to ensure safety?
Answer:If driver intend to drink wine, so he can not drive after drunk, have to ask someone who did not drink to drive the car or by bus.

"Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety Law" stipulated if drive after drunk (0.02<BAC0.08), will detain the license for 1-3 months and fined 200-500 RMB, if BAC>0.08 , public police organs will detain license for 3-6 months and will detain the drives for 15 days, in addition fine 500-2,000 RMB.