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GPS watch Precautions

Regions in China using our GPS products, it is recommended to use the mainland GSM card, set the language to Simplified; in mainland China, such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, and other foreign countries, the proposed language is set to traditional or English, etc., that do not use Chinese Simplified language, and use local GSM card, opening monthly consumption of GPRS data plan, five dollars in the Chinese region is sufficient to use the GPRS Internet package.

Based on national
security, free Google Maps in China within the region by the government artificially offset 700 to 800 meters or so. If you want to find the true location information, download Google Earth, and measurements using the terminal to the GPS latitude and longitude information, enter a query in Google Earth.

Or enter the GPS latitude and longitude information log http://www.anttna.com/gps2addr/index.php query.