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Theory and Features of MP3


MP3 is the use of characteristics of the human ear is not sensitive to high-frequency sounds And swift the time-domain waveform signal into a frequency domain signal,then divided into multiple frequency bands, different bands with different compression rates, increased compression ratio of high-frequency (or even ignore the signal) to the low-frequency signals using a small compression ratio, to ensure that the signal is not distorted. So that we could abandon high frequency sounds which not heard by human ear. leaving only low-frequency part could be heard. which will sound even with a 1:10 compression and 1:12 compression ratio. Because of the full name this compression is MPEG Audio Layer3, so people call it as MP3. With MP3 music stored ,called MP3 player.

Advantage and Disadvantage of MP3 format:


Firstly, due to greatly reduced file size, so the same space can store more information;Secondly, the absence of mechanical components, all are electronic components. so there is no shockproof problems.Give you more enjoyment on music.Thirdly, edit your favorite songs very conveniently .


MP3 audio compression technology is a lossless compression, because the human ear can hear only the voice of a certain frequency band, while other higher or lower frequency sounds is useless to the human ear. So the sound of MP3 technology is to put this part of sounds out, making the file size much smaller. Although the MP3 music still sounds like -CD, but not very well than CD. Moreover, since the technology is backward relatively, sound quality may worse than AAC, OGG at the same bit-rate.